Help is Here

You or a loved one went through a traumatic, life altering homicide or violent crime.  You may be left wondering, what do I do now?  Where do I go from here?  The Iowa Attorney General’s office has funded programs throughout the state of Iowa so that you don’t have to face this alone.

State Programs

As a crime victim, remember that you are not alone and you have rights.  Programs are available to help you with immediate and ongoing needs.  They will provide you with support during the criminal justice process and help you work through what you may be experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically.

Stop Violence Project

In an effort to raise awareness to homicides in Iowa, the Stop Violence Project was created.  Individuals, businesses and organizations can purchase yard signs to display at different times throughout the year. 

Gone But Never Forgotten

When someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.  Each person here had family & friends who cherished them.  They were taken far too soon in a senseless, tragic act of homicide.  We will always remember them and the joy they added to this world. 

You can leave a tribute to your loved one lost to homicide by submitting their story below. 

About Us

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office recognized a need for crime victims.  When faced with a traumatic, life-altering event, there are many uncertainties and unknowns that follow.  This is why the Attorney General’s Office has funded programs throughout the state of Iowa.  Victims & survivors of homicides and other violent crimes will not have to navigate that unexpected journey alone.  Each program will provide immediate care & ongoing support.  Find out more about what one of these programs can do for you.